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Eastwood Middle School

We Are College Bound!


Meet the Principal of Eastwood Middle School

  • Eastwood Middle School is a place where students are presented with various opportunities to engage in authentic learning experiences. Our goal is to obtain 100% literacy among all students. We share the great effort of reaching this goal with parents, community volunteers and hard working students. We know that all students can learn and have various talents that will contribute in the learning process. We seize every moment to allow students to maximize their potential.

    Our staff is composed of truly dedicated professionals that go the extra mile for students. To encourage literacy teachers receive extra support by our Instructional Partner, School Improvement Specialist and various area content specialist(s). Teachers are engaged in job-embedded professional sessions to sharpen strategies that work best for students. In all classrooms we are working toward implementing best practices. Students are engaged in multiple methods of learning. All students learn differently. Our goal is to tap into the learning styles of students to help them dive into their wide pool of potential.

    Extra curriculum activities are provided to reach the whole student. Students are involved in clubs daily. Athletics, Career Exploration and the Fine Arts are also an integral part of the middle school experience. Teachers, coaches, parents and community members have joined forces to capture the best of students inside and outside of the classroom.

    Positive behavior supports are used to reaffirm the good things students do daily. Students earn special privileges such as bowling, outside fun day, and other recognition activities. Opportunities are provided for students to cash in Eastwood STOMP tickets in exchange for items that they enjoy. The faculty has embraced using positive rewards as encouragement for all students.

    Students designed and adopted the school creed STOMP.

    Written by Michael Tristan Williams, EMS student

    S- Serve others in need
    T- Try my best on everything
    O- Own up to my mistakes
    M-Mind my own business
    P- Promise to treat others as you would like to be treated

    Eastwood is an exciting warm place where teachers are given opportunities to engage in scientifically research based professional development. Our faculty is committed to excellence and always seeks learning opportunities. We achieve through caring hearts that radiate energy towards our students. We are climbing, striving, and STOMPING our way to reach new heights! Go Stampede!

    Mrs. Portia Martin, Principal


  • Portia Martin, Principal

    Mrs. Portia Martin

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