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Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School

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TCS Celebrates AL NBCT Week

The Tuscaloosa City Schools is celebrating Alabama Nationally Board Certified Teacher Week March 5-11 by honoring NBCTs in Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School.

Research shows students of Board-certified teachers outperform their peers in other classrooms on achievement tests, and that schools and districts with a high concentration of NBCT’s see marked improvements in school culture, collaboration and teacher retention.

"I have changed the way I look at my teaching practice since completing the NB process. Since becoming certified, I have become more reflective and observant of how I teach and my students. The certification process is rigorous, but the impact on student achievement isNBCT very rewarding," says NBCT Elois Byrd. 

NBCT candidates at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School include Jaqueline Dennis, Nichole Brady, Amber M. Wilson-Millhouse, Cindy Fisk, and Tony Burden. Jacqueline Dennis believes that it is important to be a lifelong learner and that becoming a NBCT is a great way to model that by showing her colleagues and students that she values continuing her education. "As a Nationally Board Certitied Teacher candidate, I desire to become an accomplished educator. Teaching is my ministry; therefore, becoming a NBCT grants me the oppurtunity to reflect on my instructional practices, learn from my experiences, and positively impact student learning," says Amber M. Wlson-Millhouse. Cindy Fisk is looking for new tools and strategies to rev up her teaching

The Alabama NBCT Network helps NBCTs across the state support certification candidates, work to improve education in local schools and across the state, and to discover places of leadership in our profession. 

The network's goals include the following: to provide a connections between Alabama teachers and NBPTS and between Alabama NBCTs and to provide a support system for NBCTs as they support candidates, share ideas and concerns, work to improve our schools, and seek leadership positions.


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