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Oakdale Elementary School

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Watching Our Playground Grow!

Over the past few months our playground has had an explosion of development.  This comes from the convergence of several sources of new equipment: our Board of Education, our PreK , Commissionar Murray and the hard work of our counselor, Dr. Cynthia Smith. 

Dr. Smith, our counselor, contacted Commissioner Murray and our adoptors about the state of our playground. What little we had was actually too old to use safely according to PARA. They came through for us with swings and one playground unit.

Then this year the Tuscaloosa Board of Education provided new playground units to all schools. Oakdale received 2 Kompan units (one for ages 2-5 and another for ages 5-12).

This year we also received a federal grant to help fund our PreK program. Part of the funding went to provide us for the first time with outdoor benches and tables and an awning, so that teachers can take their teaching outdoors.

Our playground is growing and is still hoping to grow so that it can offer the same opportunities for fun and recreation that other TCS schools do.

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