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Hot Chocolate Sale Raises Funds for Library

                Here’s a math problem: How many cups of hot chocolate do you have to sell to earn enough money to buy a library book?

                The Rosenstiel family knows the answer to this question: 15! They have been selling hot chocolate to Verner students during the winter months for the past four years to raise money for the school’s library. Each morning, Elizabeth Rosenstiel and one or both of her parents, Tom and Susan Rosenstiel, arrive at school early to set up the hot chocolate cart for thirsty students. Her brother, Henry, was part of the sales team until he moved up to Rock Quarry Middle School in May.

                “We decided to start selling hot chocolate when I was in second grade because I was having a hard time finding books in the library that were my reading level,” said Elizabeth, now a fifth grader. “My family and I wanted to raise money to buy books for the library, and we got the idea to sell hot chocolate.”

                During the past four years, the Rosenstiels have raised $2,800 for the library. Hot chocolate costs one dollar per cup – with or without marshmallows. Verner student Ben Welborn’s parents own a local grocery store, and they have sold the hot chocolate mix to the Rosenstiels at a reduced cost. Since the Rosenstiels have donated the hot chocolate mix each year, all money raised has gone directly to Verner’s library.

                “Thanks to the efforts of Henry and Elizabeth’s family, we have added 190 books to our collection during the past three years,” said Alice Russell, Librarian. “They have been so faithful to arrive early every morning to sell hot chocolate. Their efforts have helped us buy books that students are excited about reading.”

                Elizabeth said it is difficult to get up early some mornings when it is cold outside, but she is proud of the results of the hot chocolate sales.

                “My favorite part of selling is getting to see my friends walk by each morning, ” she said.             

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