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Woodland Forrest Elementary School

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Woodland Forrest Elem. Features Prototype Classrooms

Prototype Classroom This year Woodland Forrest Elementary School features three classrooms that have been converted to prototype classrooms as the system moves forward with its strategic plan. 

The 4th grade classrooms are equipped with unconventional furniture and new technology. All of the furniture in the classrooms are on wheels and can be easily moved. They are also equipped with Light Speed Audio systems, where the teacher has a microphone and an earpiece, and can communicate with students from any point in the classroom. Top Cat speakers are built into the ceiling. This system consists of six pods with a base for charging and storage. The pods are used to monitor different groups of students simultaneously during instruction.  Students can press a button to call the teacher for assistance. 

4th graders now have access to a cart of 30 chromebooks that are shared by the three homerooms. There are also large interactive computer screens and projector systems by Epson and Promethean. 

The classroom walls are covered with a special paint that are used as dry erase boards. Desks can be written on, also.

Teachers and students are very excited about the future of the prototype classrooms!

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